Felting Live Class: Long-Legged Giraffe with Woolbuddy (Special)


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Class Details

Product: Long-Legged Giraffe 2-Day Needle Felting Live Workshop
Date / Time: October 16 & 23, 1-3 PM PST
Venue: via Zoom (we will send the Zoom link thru email after registration)

Class Description

This will be a two-hour, two-day live workshop. In this class, you will learn how to make a Woolbuddy Long-Legged Giraffe. Don't worry if you are still a beginner. No other than Jackie Huang, Woolbuddy owner and creator, and an expert on needle felting for more than 10 years now, will be teaching this class. He will teach you the art of needle felting, introduce you to the tools and materials used for felting, and share with you practical felting tips and tricks. He will also walk you through the whole process of creating your own Woolbuddy Long-Legged Giraffe.

You will learn to build basic shapes, add and mix colors, assemble body parts, and finalize the details of your own project.

Course Overview
Day 1
Unit 1 - Introduction 
Unit 2 - Needle felting materials & tools
Unit 3 - Designing your character
Unit 4 - Assemble the foundation
Unit 5 - Creation of the legs and body

Day 2
Unit 6 - Body creation
Unit 7 - Head Creation
Unit 8 - Combining body parts
Unit 9 - Finalizing details

SPECIAL OFFER: Students will receive 2 felting needles, armatures for the legs, enough wool to have fun making the giraffe, felting mat, and pen felting needle tool.

Hurry up if you are ready to get addicted to felting!

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