Learning felting with Woolbuddy.


Date & Time

TBD  (mid October to Early November




Class size: 10 to 60 

*please prepare Tools and Materials 

felting needles, felting mat, wool white and different color

Class Description

In this two-hour class, you'll learn how to make some Woolbuddy fun characters. The owner and creator of Woolbuddy, Jackie Huang, will be teaching this class. He'll walk you through the whole process of needle felting technique by introduce you how we use felting tools and how felting works.
Students will practice by making their own Woolbuddy characters(2-3 kinds base on each student's speed) from building the basic shape, adding colors and body parts, to finalize the details of their works. Each student will get 2 felting needles and enough color wool to have fun for two hours. Hurry up if you are ready to get addicted to felting!
P.s: Welcome to bring your own project to the class as well=)