Booth display September 12 2016

We did the flowers and special character for their wedding June 19 2016

Making needle felting Star Wars BB8 May 04 2016

Making of 10 foot T-rex May 04 2016

HellBoy 360 September 10 2015

Midlife HellBoy September 08 2015

I just finish this character for an art show

It's official! The first announcement for our upcoming art show with Gallery 1988: LA is here! GUILLERMO DEL TORO: IN SERVICE OF MONSTERS, premieres next week!

Wooll E August 28 2015

Renegade Craft Fair 2015 @ San Francisco July 21 2015

Weekend just passed was our show at Remegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason, San Francisco.

Had great time and met with great people.

Hope to  have a show again next year!

San Diego Comic-Con, 2015 July 14 2015

These are some of our photos from this year San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC).

Check these little cute guys at SDCC.

This little guy found a life time buddy and going to a good home.

Hello SDCC, I'm here!!


Ready to take some puctures in San Diego Comic Con.
"I took all of photos that Woolbuddy posts."

Our lovely Woolbuddy fan art at the show. Thank you!!

Thank you so much for those of you come out and stop by at our booth.
Hope you all enjoyed our Woolbudy's special friends!!




We had a wonderful and lots of great memories at the show! See you next year!

Great News!! July 14 2015

Woolbuddy wins Product of the Year Award and Seal of Excellent of 2015!!!

Thank you so much for those of you that supported us.

We are here because of Woolbuddy fan's love toward our WB-special friends. Thank you! 


Here is a current promo-code for free shipping in US: SHIP50

Don't miss this great opportunity. 

Happy Forth of July ! from Woolbuddy July 14 2015

Happy Forth of July ! from Woolbuddy

New Kits 2015 June 30 2015

Please welcome and say hello to our new Woolbuddy family member of 2015!!





Hope everyone would  love these new three characters as much as we do!!

First time felting made a Woolbuddy needle felting giraffe April 16 2015

Mona bought one of our needle felting kit and spend 4 hours make her own giraffe...Great job

Batman love our felting wool April 14 2015

Batman visit our booth and pick his favorite color. ready for some felting.




Woolbuddy @ Cherry Blossom Festival April 13 2015

Fun weekend @ SF Japan Canter Cherry Blossom Festival

Thank you all for stopping by!



Thank you Jian Shen for the photo.

Featured in Worldjournal! April 06 2015

We got featured in World Journal newspaper!

Here is the link:動漫展-華人設計師競設攤/?ref=洛杉磯&npg=2



Building New Display Hard Walls for Renegade Craft Fair July 22 2014

New display hard walls for local shows, it turned out really great! I've been ready for the following holidays....:)




Peach tree July 22 2014

I have a peach tree that I planted 3 years ago and it grows a looooooooot of peaches this summer.... I've been eating those endless peaches for weeks. They tastes really great but my belly is growing, too.......LOL

Cactus Monsters July 03 2014

Cactus monster is a very fun character to make. With a pot and a bunch of wool you can make different monsters and each of them has its unique look and personality. You can also add a bird friend on it! Great project to add something green on your desk and it'll least forever without watering!=)


Pot included

Hi Shark please don't bite me July 02 2014

More dog July 02 2014

My new camera July 02 2014

It's a great camera only problem is the picture always fuzzy

Little dog July 02 2014

TMNT art show July 01 2014

I did a pice for up coming TMNT show at Gallery of Nucleus