The Adventures of the Felt Lion

by Kriti Shrestha

Lion sets out on an adventure on his own, exploring the cities of Europe....Let's see how his journey goes!


Got up, combed my mane⁣ -Took out my camera⁣-Jumped on the train! Wondering where shall I go... 


Hey! I have a joke... How does a train eat? Cheww Cheww! Sorry for the lame joke... was bored waiting for the train. Excited to explore the cities.


Crashed a wedding today, had a pawsome time. I kept photo-bombing, kept roaring!



Sunday Brunch with these cool people. Had a blast..what are Sundays for if you don;t have fun...Look at the guy on the right, has better mane than mine. Jealous..kind of.


Sun-kissed and all....Tried to pose like the pretty lady... failed miserably though! 


A wise lion once said, "When given chance to travel, always take it..." Going back home with all the good memories.